Canadian Customers

At Quality RV we make your purchase simple and affordable. Our Canadian customers are an integral part of our business, and we provide the guidance to make a purchase outside of Canada easy. And we don't stop there. Our Service-After-The-Sale cannot be beat. Just call our 800 number from anywhere in the USA or Canada to get your RV repaired at the local dealership. We will take care of it. Our comittment to customer service is absolute.

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Why Should Canadian RVers Come to the U.S. to Purchase an RV?

The Canadian dollar continues to strengthen against the U.S. dollar, so a purchase across the border is more affordable than ever. In most cases our Canadian customers save thousands by purchasing in the U.S. And we have a terrific selection of RVs so you can get the latest and greatest features that RVs offer today.

Our Park Rapids Location

With our second location now open in Park Rapids we are closer to the Canadian border. Our Canadian buyer can now purchase a new or used RV in a simple one day trip. Park Rapids is a beautiful area so it may be decided to camp out behind our dealership where we have campsites with a fire ring and electric. A visit the the Mississippi Headwaters is a must when visiting the Park Rapids area.

We Have Simplified the Buying Process

We have experience with our Canadian customers, so you can be rest assured that your transaction will be easy and simple. Unlike many other RV dealers we do not require wire transfers or waiting up to seven days for funds to clear. We will accept almost any type of payment as long as it is in US Funds. Our business manager, Brian, will ensure that you will not be delayed during your purchase. After all, RVs are all about fun, so we want to help you start your fun right away.

Documentation and Crossing the Border

From the moment you start the buying process with us we make sure you have all the paperwork you need to cross into Canada. To get the newly purchased RV across the border all you need is a signed Purchase agreement, the title or MSO (We provide) and if it is a used RV a letter of recall will be needed (which we also provide). It's that simple! Once across the border you will file for registration. The unit will be brought to Canada Tire for inspection and following that you will file for registration and pay all applicable taxes and fees. It's that simple!

Our EZ Service is Unbeatable

Our EZ Service says it all. No matter where you are located Quality RV and its people will help you through any issue that may arise. We can even authorize warranty repairs out of the MFG's dealer network. No matter where a new or used unit is located in North America it will be covered by either the manufacturer's warranty or the Xtra ride service plan. Our Diamond Certified Protection program is covered anywhere in North America including Canada. Our protection plans are endorsed by both the U.S. and Canadian RVDA.

Quality RV Customer Commitment

If you live away from Elk River or Park Rapids that's OK as we will still take care of you. It may be true that some dealers will not want to service what they do not sell. Just call our 800 number from anywhere in the USA or Canada to get your RV repaired. Either send us the bill or the local dealership can do the service and bill the manufacturer for covered warranty work. Just call us and we will make the repair process EZ.

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